From Normal to Exceptional

Look, I’m a nor­mal guy try­ing to do dif­fi­cult things.

The idea is in reac­tion to the “that guy’s got hol­low bones” com­ment that paraglid­ers will say when they see a real­ly good pilot, espe­cial­ly one doing bet­ter than them*.  It’s the same kind of thing you’ll hear with climbers talk­ing about Honnold’s amyg­dala, or race car dri­vers talk­ing about [fill in the blank]’s reflexes.

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Fear & Recovery, Part II

I hit the ground (again) the oth­er day fly­ing, took a 50% col­lapse (half the wing just fad­ed away) about 75 feet above ground.  Man­aged it well enough to land with­out injury, but it def­i­nite­ly wasn’t a planned land­ing and cer­tain­ly could have been much worse.  The 2 oth­er guys who were on site at the time seemed more shak­en than I was at the time. Appar­ent­ly it looked pret­ty dramatic.

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