Leadville Training for 2015

Goals: Have the most per­son­al­ly ful­fill­ing race pos­si­ble at the Leadville Trail 100 on August 22nd, 2015.  Run a sub 12:00/mile avg pace.

Overview & dis­claimer:  These are the ideas & thoughts I’ve had regard­ing prepar­ing for and rac­ing at Leadville after 2 unsuc­cess­ful attempts.  I’m 37, 5′8″ and hov­er around 150 lbs/69 kg.  I’ve been an ath­lete for most of my life. I took a break in my ear­ly 30s, but in my 20s rep­re­sent­ed the US on the Navy Pen­tathlon Team, swam com­pet­i­tive­ly for about 18 years, ran cross coun­try in high school along with a few oth­er sports (lacrosse, wrestling, climb­ing.) Con­tin­ue read­ing

My friend Jason Mullaney

Jason Mul­laney is a friend of mine.  He’s been in the news as “The Navy SEAL who swin­dled his broth­ers” and has been accused of steal­ing $1 mil­lion dol­lars from oth­er SEALs and a fam­i­ly friend, but from the report­ing I’ve seen no one has pre­sent­ed the oth­er side of a man who has helped, encour­aged, and sup­port­ed hun­dreds of peo­ple as he cat­a­pult­ed to the top of a very unsta­ble struc­ture. Con­tin­ue read­ing

Monster Runner

There’s been an idea bump­ing around in my head for a while. It’s as old as train­ing and as new as the lat­est hyper-fit craze; I’d like to take a crack at com­bin­ing an ultra endurance event (most like­ly the Leadville 100) with some­thing that is total­ly pow­er & strength ori­ent­ed; max bench­press of body­weight fol­lowed by a 1 rep max squat and dead­lift. Sim­ple stuff to under­stand, ultra hard to train for and do well.
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Leadville, 2014

Bare chest­ed, cold, run­ning up over­grown sin­gle track at 8,000 feet on a moun­tain­side in Col­orado. Teardrops of hail ham­mer down through an aspen for­est as the cloud gods grum­ble over­head. No sun­light peaks through, the wilds are draped only in cold grey light.
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Steve — Do Something Worth Reading About…v.2

So I read my pre­vi­ous post and was­n’t hap­py with it. I had a few friends read it and they agreed with the sen­ti­ment but when I read it again I was dis­gust­ed. While heart­felt, the con­tent did­n’t real­ly con­tain any orig­i­nal thoughts or con­cepts. . It was like “Twitch­ing with Twight” lite or worse yet a rehash of this sites blog post on being “Aver­age.”
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