Where I Stand

The NFH Man­i­festo

Ini­tial­ly writ­ten some­where around 2010, I’ve backed off of most of these and boiled down what I’m pret­ty sure about to just a few sen­tences:

It is unlike­ly that any­one has a full and clear pic­ture of the world. I can usu­al­ly fix prob­lems right in front of me.

There­fore, the only things worth doing are two-fold:
1) Improve myself, total­ly inter­nal and not many peo­ple will notice, but my expe­ri­ence will be more enjoy­able.
2) Improve those things with­in my capa­bil­i­ty, to the best of my abil­i­ty.

Here’s the rest that I’m prob­a­bly wrong about but was thor­ough­ly con­vinced I was right at one time:

I’m writ­ing this down so it’s clear in my head.  Not to win any argu­ments, just to say here it is, man.  Here’s me.  If you don’t like it, suck it.  Ini­tial­ly writ­ten in a flur­ry after con­vos with CR and Soon-Ah, I changed my posi­tion on a few pieces after talk­ing with Greg Crouch.  Noth­ing like a dude who has actu­al­ly spent time think­ing about this stuff to set you straight, thanks GC.

Health Care
5, maybe 8% of Amer­i­ca is actu­al­ly at a point where they tru­ly deserve and need health care beyond the care for the basic acci­dents and bad luck of life.  Look, there’re some peo­ple it does­n’t make eco­nom­ic sense to take care of, but if you fol­low my rules, you take care of them.

They’re the crazy home­less, the retard­ed, the down, out, and wretched.  They won’t con­tribute a thing to this coun­try, but shoot­ing them ain’t the right thing to do.  For those folks I don’t mind putting mon­ey towards feed­ing a retard.  Hell, with one twist of DNA it could have been me.  I’m OK with that (feed­ing retards, I mean.  Not being retard­ed.)

For the rest of you, get with the fuck­ing pro­gram and take care of your­self.  I’m fine with a nation­al health care pro­gram for true emer­gency room ser­vice and that deals with the basic acci­dents and bad luck of life.  How­ev­er, there are plen­ty of sit­u­a­tions where if you don’t get seen in 20 min­utes you’ll be fine.  Hav­ing a baby will not kill you.  A bro­ken arm will not kill you.  Think­ing you might die because you’re so sick…will not kill you.

If you’re fat, pay for your own health care.  If you smoke, pay for your own health care.  If you drink more than a glass of wine a night, pay for your own health care.  God (or who­ev­er you believe in) gave you a hell of a body to work with.  Every one of you blessed chil­dren of Jesus (what­ev­er, right?) can be ripped and hard, it’s in your damn DNA!

You were born to run down your food over unend­ing miles of savan­nah, to jump on it and choke it to death, to enter ful­ly into the cir­cle of life.  If, instead, you choose to sit in front of a com­put­er and munch junk, it’s your own prob­lem and you reap what you sow.

If you eat healthy (whether you believe in veg­an­ism or you rip into raw meat I don’t care) and you work out 20 min­utes a day you won’t get sick as often, when you do you’ll heal up faster, and whether or not you have health care is your busi­ness.

If you choose to drink, or smoke, or eat McDon­ald’s and oth­er garbage, pay for your own health care.  No reg­u­la­tions, no telling a com­pa­ny what they can and can’t do (Jesus, what hap­pened to a free mar­ket?) just pay your own way.  It’s Amer­i­ca and you can do what you want, but I sure as hell won’t be respon­si­ble for your sew­er-rank habits.

If a com­pa­ny wants to pro­vide health care, they can.  If not, and you want it, don’t work for that com­pa­ny.  It seems so sim­ple.

What about chil­dren?  Vac­ci­na­tions, deliv­ery, young orphans etc?  Read on, but the basic thrust is:  If you can’t afford ’em you won’t get to have ’em.  The State (ooh, now we’re get­ting Orwellian) pays for orphans.


You’re expect­ed to con­tribute 2 years of ser­vice.  You have the right to vote.  You pay tax­es (10% flat income).  You have the right to use nation­al assets; the nation­al forests, the road­ways, the edu­ca­tion­al sys­tem, the pro­tec­tion (police and mil­i­tary).   You are issued a pis­tol and a rifle and train­ing when you earn cit­i­zen­ship, and you are expect­ed to use them to defend your coun­try.  You’ll put in 2 week­ends a year of civ­il ser­vice after earn­ing cit­i­zen­ship.  One of those week­ends involves self-suf­fi­cien­cy, i.e. grow­ing your own food, start­ing your own busi­ness, fix­ing your own car, and one of those week­ends is an inten­sive 16 hour shoot­ing course.  We will not be a nation of defense­less video-game play­ers.

If you don’t serve your time (2 years, you get paid room and board and $300/month) you face some sig­nif­i­cant con­se­quence (to be deter­mined.)

Civ­il Ser­vice
Every one who wants cit­i­zen­ship does 2 years of ser­vice, start­ing when you turn 18 or when you immi­grate in.  You can do it in the mil­i­tary or in civ­il ser­vice, but you’re doing 2 years.  It does­n’t count to retire­ment, you get paid room, board and $300/month, and you can vol­un­teer on to con­tin­ue if you wish but you have to pass selec­tion if you want to car­ry on, and selec­tion is no fuck­ing joke.  Max time in is 20 years with­out a waiv­er from Con­gress.

Pro­gres­sive tax rate.  Folks who make under some basic wage pay far less in pro­por­tion than the rest of us who are mak­ing more than we actu­al­ly need to sur­vive.

Broad edu­ca­tion (read blue col­lar plus basic STEM) grades 1–10.  Learn how to think, then you’ll get facts.  Phys­i­cal edu­ca­tion, arts, sci­ence, music all get equal share until you’re 18.  No more than 4 hours in a class­room a day; the rest of the time should be out­side or in a work­ing envi­ron­ment.  Basic pistol/rifle/shotgun marks­man­ship for every­one, as every­one will be expect­ed to defend Amer­i­ca if nec­es­sary.  Basic self-reliance skills for every­one; how to build a 2 room house, how to fix your own car, how to grow your own food, how to kill and dress out an ani­mal, how to pre­pare food.

For­eign Pol­i­cy
I don’t know.  I wish more peo­ple would just admit this.  The world is an awful­ly big place for us to be respon­si­ble for, but we’re the rich­est and the best at doing mil­i­tary work, so it’s on us to step in to pro­tect the nation­al inter­est and main­tain order.  Not New World Order, you con­spir­a­cy geeks.  Just going with the ol’ Spi­der­man idea:  With great pow­er comes great respon­si­bil­i­ty.

Ener­gy Pol­i­cy
Renew­able ener­gy should pro­vide at least 50% of Amer­i­ca’s ener­gy needs with­in 10 years, and 100% with­in 20 years.  Oil, coal, nat­ur­al gas and the rest of it banned with­in 20 years.  Nuclear pow­er is a maybe, there’re enough kooks on both sides of the issue to mud­dy the waters for me.

Focus on edu­ca­tion and sup­port­ing pro­grams that gen­er­ate self reliance.  Defense should be less than 10% of bud­get.  Hell, that and my health­care rules ought to free up enough mon­ey to pay teach­ers, fire­fight­ers, cops and mil­i­tary what they deserve; start­ing salary at $100k/year.

Mil­i­tary is all vol­un­teer, dif­fi­cult train­ing, high­ly selec­tive, small num­bers, high qual­i­ty.   Mis­sion is defense of the U.S., not offense against oth­er nations.  All cit­i­zens have the respon­si­bil­i­ty to defend Amer­i­ca against inva­sion.  You are issued a pis­tol and a rifle when you earn cit­i­zen­ship.  They are yours to keep and car­ry, in pub­lic and/or pri­vate.

For­eign Aid
$2 bil­lion a year to Pak­istan?  Are you fist-fuck­ing me?  We don’t do it.  If you want to help for­eign­ers, donate to a char­i­ty or go live there.  First we take care of Amer­i­ca, then we’ll take care of the rest of the world.  Until we get this coun­try on the right track, for­eign aid is low on my pri­or­i­ty list.  Real low.  Plus, if we stop pok­ing our igno­rant noses in oth­er peo­ple’s shit they’ll prob­a­bly stop get­ting so pissed off.  Jeal­ousy I can take; it’s usu­al­ly ugly enough that it dies on the vine.  Pissed off peo­ple tend to get active.

Now, I’ve since had some new ideas that revolve more around some heavy hand­ed quid pro quo with for­eign aid.  The first rule is, if you want for­eign aid from the US, you have to put birth con­trol in the drink­ing water.  The num­ber one threat to the health of the plan­et is over­pop­u­la­tion, fol­lowed close­ly by igno­rance.

You get 18 months of it for your whole life.  It’s $4,000/month in 2010 dol­lars.  If you go over 18 months of wel­fare, fuck you.  No anchor babies.  Just because you’re born on Amer­i­can soil to for­eign par­ents does­n’t mean you’re Amer­i­can.  Your par­ents don’t get shit because they had you here.  You can come over after you’re 18 and go through the cit­i­zen­ship process like every­one else.

Laws and oth­er bull­shit, specif­i­cal­ly gov­’t intru­sion
I’m not sure why gays aren’t allowed to mar­ry (laws have changed since this was writ­ten), but I don’t think it’s right to stop peo­ple from doing what­ev­er they want in their per­son­al life.  If dudes want to bang each oth­er in the ass and wear a ring to show their devo­tion and fideli­ty, baby, I’m all for it; this is Amer­i­ca, land of the free.  Not land of the Chris­t­ian crazy holi­er-than-thou knuckl­heads.  If girls want an abor­tion it’s their body, not God’s or the coun­try’s or some fat sweaty white guy preach­ing char­i­ty and dri­ving a Cadil­lac.  I cer­tain­ly won’t stand for any­one telling me what my wife and I can get up to on our own god­damn time.  Laws that poke their nose deep into peo­ple’s busi­ness are not wel­come in my coun­try, aside from the few impor­tant things list­ed here.

Laws lax and a clear path to cit­i­zen­ship for folks who’ve been here ille­gal­ly.  You might want to argue this, but you’re a fuck­ing idiot; nobody, and I mean nobody will work as hard as an immi­grant.  They are what make Amer­i­ca great.

Crime and Pun­ish­ment
7 minor crimes or 3 major crimes and you’re shot.  All Death Row inmates are shot with­in 24 hours of sen­tenc­ing, prefer­ably by mil­i­tary or police marks­man who need the prac­tice.  No elec­tro­cu­tion or gas or injec­tion, all way too expen­sive and a waste of mon­ey.  A bul­let costs a few cents, so for less than a buck we can get 12 dudes some no-shit tar­get prac­tice and rid the plan­et of one more ass­hole.  If you break the laws, fuck you.

Jail time over 3 years is equiv­a­lent to a death sen­tence; if we can’t reha­bil­i­tate in 3 years we’re doing some­thing wrong or we’ve got a defec­tive human.  Either way, we’re going to get rid of the prob­lem.

Teach­ers, Cops, Fire­fight­ers, and Mil­i­tary
Start­ing pay is $100k.  Let’s make it com­pet­i­tive to take respon­si­bil­i­ty for oth­ers, and let’s reward those who take on the chal­lenge.

Legal­ize ’em.  If peo­ple want to fuck them­selves up they can bear the respon­si­bil­i­ty for it.  You know nation­al health care won’t take care of ’em, not on my watch.

Pop­u­la­tion Con­trol

Birth con­trol in the drink­ing water until we get the pop­u­la­tion down to 200 mil­lion or less.  If you want to have a kid, it’s a $50,000 tax.  Or, you can adopt.  We have plen­ty of kids who need atten­tion.

Term lim­its.  Every politi­cian must have their per­son­al bank accounts & assets on the web for any­one who logs on to see.  Total­ly trans­par­ent, real­time.  If you want to serve this coun­try expect to be a mod­el cit­i­zen, and be able to prove it.  I’m not talk­ing Chris­t­ian mod­el, I’m talk­ing Amer­i­can mod­el, as in, I don’t care who you bang or what you do with your body as long as you can per­form your job.

Stick to the Con­sti­tu­tion as it was orig­i­nal­ly writ­ten with a few mod­i­fi­ca­tions (women and non-landown­ers can vote, no racial dis­crim­i­na­tion, no 3/5ths of a per­son bull­shit, and every cit­i­zen except con­victs can vote) and we’ll be OK.  Any kind of vio­la­tion of col­lu­sion laws or back­door deals or the usu­al “I’ll trade you an ener­gy plant for 1,000 votes” and you’re shot.  The next day.  Pol­i­tics is seri­ous busi­ness, and you should be will­ing to put your life on the line every day for what you believe.

Com­put­er Sys­tem:
Goven­r­ment online, clear and trans­par­ent.  Vote from home.  Social secu­ri­ty, wel­fare, mil­i­tary ser­vice, crim­i­nal record, and your cit­i­zen­ship sta­tus (cit­i­zen, vis­i­tor, for­eign­er, or immi­grant) is online for any­one to see what you’ve put in and what you’re tak­ing out.  Dri­ver’s license, build­ing per­mits, small busi­ness (espe­cial­ly small busi­ness!) all of that shit should be online and easy, with the same basic tem­plate through­out the nation.

The Big Pic­ture
Cre­ate the envi­ron­ment for self-reliant yet humane and hum­ble peo­ple to flour­ish.  Make it so Amer­i­ca has well-edu­cat­ed (in the arts of self-reliance and self-suf­fi­cien­cy), strong, healthy, con­fi­dent peo­ple who can help oth­ers if they choose but are under no oblig­a­tion to do so.  Make this coun­try a place where every­one wants to be, and keep it that way.  Be open to change and run­ning right on the cut­ting edge, at the same time acknowl­edg­ing the wis­dom of age-old knowl­edge.  Make it so speak­ing the truth is reward­ed con­sis­tent­ly and lying is acknowl­edged as rea­son for cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment.  Cre­ate a mag­net for the best, strongest, most peace­ful (not wet-paper-tow­el-peace­ful, but Zen mas­ter peace­ful) smartest, kind­est, health­i­est damn peo­ple and the plan­et.  Offer min­i­mal but strong guid­ance, and be con­sis­tent.

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