You have a riddle, and you seek the answer. Your riddle is small. Your problem is large. You seek one man, or perhaps a group. Your answer is outside your box. Knowing that you see only the shadow on the cave wall, you search for sunlight.

Your search brings you here. Are you questing for fleeting perfection to solve a single problem, a guide for dark hours and high passes? Are you looking for durable excellence, perseverance embodied, a Percheron to which you harness your cart? Here you may find both.

Gathered here are leaders and guides, tactical problem solvers and strategic thinkers. Sought out for their ability to unerringly choose the hard right over the easy wrong, to apply ready intelligence to fast changing problems, and in the words of Tennyson, "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield", they pause here, waiting.

Are you ready to harness their talents?

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