You are a businessman. You are a terrorist hunter. You are a fireman, a mathematician, a teacher, a warrior. You can fix everything from a stumbling start-up business to a sputtering diesel Cat. In your heart is the desire to do right, to shine light in dark places. You have heard of Boyd and the Acolytes, of St. Exupery, of Sir Richard Francis Burton. You seek knowledge.

You ski, or climb, or run, or hike. Whatever it is, you do it hard. You are steady when it counts. You force yourself into new and uncomfortable situations just to learn how to adapt. You search for truth amidst confusion. You view life as a never-changing struggle for self definition, guided solely by your own actions.

You have reached into yourself and dug into your soul, searching for what it is you are made of. You have hit the wall and not dropped to your knees. You are a child with a fresh face. You are an old man with lines and wrinkles and scars and warts. You have stopped at need without satiating desire, and you know the strength in that decision.

Your next challenge awaits.

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