re. Never underestimate a woman by Dorothy Ainsworth Issue #32

Dude, Of course she is one of my favorite women.  She’s a total stud, after her first house burned down she just built anoth­er one.  We have her list­ed as a Paleo Treats hero on our Wis­dom page. Stoked about your bud­dies expe­ri­ence with a Lis­ter.  Talked to Lee about mov­ing to India and set­ting up …

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more of the same

7. You’re pret­ty hard on the activists, aren’t you? Well, I’m tired of peo­ple pro­ject­ing their fan­tasies onto me. If you want to be wise and benev­o­lent, that’s fine, pro­vid­ing that you do it for real and not as an exer­cise in self-delu­­sion. Go make the world a bet­ter place in your imme­di­ate vicin­i­ty, with …

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book, part II

Feel­ing the first surge of ener­gy run through me after a meal, I sit down to write.  This is a gift not to be squan­dered, this deaf­en­ing smash­ing beat that flows through me, the writ­ing com­ing off my fin­gers, sparks in my mind, swing­ing on vines through lush forests, kick­ing over clang­ing trash cans, rolling …

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paleo writing

White knuck­led Paleo Treats for the tree climb­ing cliff jump­ing vine swing­ing hir­sute and hor­ri­ble ancient Homo Pale­olithus and his beau­ti­ful, wis­er and bet­ter half, Fem-Pale­olithas.  Known for inces­sant­ly lift­ing tremen­dous weight, feared the world over for the wor­thy war cry spring­ing from the depths of dark and dan­ger­ous gyms where (gasp) free weights are …

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some old writing

Just stum­bled on this, wish I’d kept writ­ing more.  Some fun­ny stuff, all of it still pret­ty much true.  Like you guys, I’m a lit­tle old­er and wis­er now. Enjoy. NFH There are three things that let you know you are tru­ly alive.  The open­ing shock of a para­chute, the sound of a six­ty fir­ing, and …

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