proctor 282

Top­ics for dis­cus­sion dur­ing proctorship:

This is about me putting my val­ues & ideas out there (as mine, clear­ly stat­ed) in an attempt to mold stu­dents into some­one bet­ter (define that, bitch­es) than me by exam­ple of what has worked, i.e. I made it with these val­ues, you can make it with yours.

*What/who can be respect­ed?  Nazis?  Moth­er Tere­sa quote (in every man is good­ness if only you look hard enough–paraphrased)

*The Trades-met­al, wood, ener­gy (elec), water (plumb­ing), med­ical, what is nec­es­sary, learn one, why?  Self-reliance, con­tri­bu­tion, pass­ing on learn­ing, appren­tice­ship.  What is a lathe?  How does elec­tric­i­ty work?  What are the basics of plumb­ing?  Nails vs screws.  What it means (and indi­cates) to be a mas­ter.  Quit being so fuck­ing helpless!

*The envi­ron­ment & war (oil, water, resources, use of tac­ti­cal­ly), how are they linked?  What impact do your actions have?  Gas guz­zler, water waster, your sons plan­et, 7th generation

*Ani­mal care-feed­ing, care, treat­ment, behav­iour mods (pos­i­tive rein­force­ment, lim­it­ed pow­er of neg­a­tive & pun­ish­ment), appli­ca­tions to humans, pris­on­er han­dling, turn­ing sources, treat­ing family

*PLJ peaceLove­Joy-for what do we fight?  Solzen­hitzyen quote (line through every heart and through the human race denot­ing good and evil), bal­ance in emo­tions, clear goals, treat­ment of self, self dia­logue, trust and self reliance

*Thought clar­i­ty and speed, one sen­tence to turn in every day (show me clar­i­ty of thought and abil­i­ty to create/write)

*Trav­el and rein­ven­tion (every new place you go you can re-invent, what qual­i­ties will you focus on?)

*Cre­ation and art: vis­it a muse­um (Tara Dono­van, MOCA) open your fuck­ing mind beyond being a stone-cold warrior.

*No notes.  Write it lat­er, par­tic­i­pate NOW!

*Cool / Not Cool, (from the class, with dis­cus­sion.  Start top­ics exam­ples: sky­div­ing, killing, mon­ey, rape, dri­ving, friends, shar­ing, etc) derive val­ues from these, place some top­ics in “depends” or “nei­ther” or “neu­tral” cat­e­go­ry.  Build their ethos for them, in front of them, and hold them to it for the rest of phase.

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