Fear and Recovery

This is in response to a friend ask­ing me about my recent crash on a paraglid­er. He talked about his rea­son for walk­ing away from paraglid­ing as well as asked the ques­tions you’ll see at the bottom.

Developing The Seventh Sense

I’ve been think­ing about net­works late­ly, inspired by recent­ly read­ing Joshua Coop­er Ramo’s The Sev­enth Sense. The dri­ving take­away is that devel­op­ing a sense for under­stand­ing the net­works in any giv­en sit­u­a­tion gives an advan­tage over an under­stand­ing based on old­er frameworks.

Letter to a Soldier

Some­times it’s just as valu­able know­ing what you don’t want to do.” ‑Dr. Amy Kruse, for­mer DARPA pro­gram man­ag­er Look, excel­lence doesn’t trans­fer. It’s a com­mon mis­take to think it does, and one that many SOF vets make.

From Pie to Poop

The peo­ple I like most share two things in com­mon:  First, they have open minds.  Sec­ond, while they appear nor­mal, they are in at least one aspect of their lives, utter­ly bat shit crazy.

Pre-Interview Prep

In the vein of con­tin­u­al­ly get­ting bet­ter, I just start­ed send­ing out a “pre-inter­view” request for the Paleo Treats pod­cast.  This one went out to Gavin McClurg, a paraglid­er.  They’ll prob­a­bly change as I go along, but I thought you’d enjoy it.

Leadville 2015 Race Report

As usu­al, suc­cess does­n’t teach as many lessons as fail­ure.  After two years of fail­ure, (2013 & 2014) I made it this year in 28:46:45 (that’s 28 hours, 46 min­utes, and 45 sec­onds), or about an hour and 15 min­utes ahead of the 30 hour cut off.

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