Letter to a Soldier

Some­times it’s just as valu­able know­ing what you don’t want to do.” ‑Dr. Amy Kruse, for­mer DARPA pro­gram man­ag­er Look, excel­lence doesn’t trans­fer. It’s a com­mon mis­take to think it does, and one that many SOF vets make.

Outlook from CR

Ed note: This is a guest post by my good friend CR, it was his response to a let­ter. You’re 46ish, yes?  How are you hold­ing up physically?


If you think you’re not aver­age, you’re either an idiot or you’re right. You’re prob­a­bly (and I say this with all sci­en­tif­ic sin­cer­i­ty) an idiot.

Soul writing

Tell them it’s me.  Phone 71B, loca­tion 2 Crew (B).  Novem­ber 2011.  Some­where off the coast of Oman I sit in a same-ness insti­tu­tion­al room, open­ing my mind to the full cir­cle encom­pass­ing dark­ness and light.  I have sat here all over the world.  The tan walls, the don’t‑give-a-shit mat­tress, the white sheets and thin soft blan­ket on a bed …

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Take my spirit in better shape then when you gave it…

Let­ter to a friend: ***, There’s noth­ing I have expe­ri­enced that’s any­thing like being on a stormy ocean on a small boat, out of reach of all mankind, reliant total­ly upon self and the fick­le­ness of the sea gods. Not all the nations in the world with all their resources can do any­thing to affect the …

Take my spir­it in bet­ter shape then when you gave it… Read More »

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