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The gen­er­a­tion behind us is even worse. They don’t even want the gear, they just want to do the activ­i­ty on a video game. Don’t both­er to learn to play a real gui­tar, just pre­tend with gui­tar hero. Don’t actu­al­ly go out and dance, just pre­tend with a danc­ing video game. It’s so fuck­ing pathetic.”

You have no idea how right you are, and it only makes me won­der what the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion thinks of us.  Was teach­ing boats & motors the oth­er day and guys will just sit there and say, “I don’t know how to fix this” with­out get­ting in there and get­ting their fuck­ing hands on it.  It’s mad­den­ing, but it’s also what dri­ves me to get in there and fix stuff and run my own show.  I think, “I can do this and NOBODY can tell me I can’t.”  Because I can.

So I show them by jump­ing in the boat and mon­key-fuck­ing it for a while and throw­ing all my 147 lbs into the motor to get it off tilt and then have one of them stand there and point and say, “I think there’s a lever on this side you have to flip.”  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEGET IN THERE AND FLIP IT, MOTHERFUCKER!

It’s show­ing that I DON’T know every­thing on a boat by heart but I DO know I can fig­ure it all out and I don’t mind pinch­ing my fin­gers or get­ting dirty or wet or cold or any­thing oth­er than warm and fuzzy.  That’s the atti­tude that’s so pre­cious and awe­some and that we want to cul­ti­vate:  Unstoppable.

It seems like we’ve all got­ten so far away from actu­al­ly doing things, and just want­i­ng the gear that allows us to do things.”

Yeah, I feel like a fak­er every so often, but then I think, “Fuck it, I AM out there doing stuff.”  Maybe not all the time, and not as hard as the real dirt bags, but I get out there and get cold and hurt and sweaty and fuck­ing uncom­fort­able all for a sun­rise on a windy piece of rock or the sil­ver flash of a fish 30′ down.  For noth­ing.  For everything.

“So how does one decide if they are “win­ning” at life? Is it how much you laugh? Or is it how much you learn? Or how much you love? How much you expe­ri­ence, or how deeply you expe­ri­ence? Or is it sim­ply you feel­ing con­tent with how you’ve used your time? ”

I don’t think it’s “win­ning”, in fact, I don’t think either of us think that way but it’s an easy word to under­stand.  All of those are impor­tant (to us as indi­vid­u­als), but ulti­mate­ly there’s no scorecard.

Real­ly, ulti­mate­ly, no one gives a fuck.  It does­n’t mat­ter if you’ve grown a gar­den or been in com­bat or you like fuck­ing dudes in the ass; all that stuff only real­ly mat­ters to you.  That seems to be one of the open secrets of grow­ing up and liv­ing a good life.  You real­ize no one else gives a shit but you and it does­n’t mat­ter to any­one but you what your life is.  If you want to smoke pot, do it.  If you want to put in 1,000,000 feet of vert, good for you.  If you land a con­tract for the same amount, $1,000,000, who gives a fuck?  You, that’s all, and that’s all that mat­ters.  Maybe it’s inspi­ra­tional for some­one else for a minute or a night or a week, but what dri­ves us is us.  Our thoughts, our minds, our mus­cles, our will.  That’s what makes you and me and any­one spe­cial, that we dri­ve our own train.  That is it, and that is all.

Reminds me of (yet anoth­er) Epicte­tus quote: “Every­body should play the game of life–the best play it with skill, speed, form, and grace.”  Those qual­i­ties are all we can strive for, and thank god they’re ephemer­al, enjoyed only in the moment.

Those same qual­i­ties are what sell lots of prod­uct because they’ve been cap­tured in video or pic­tures or what­ev­er and then you don’t real­ize until you buy the jeans or bite into the cook­ie that it’s not hard work you’re wear­ing or eat­ing, it’s just CHNOPS.  It’ll keep you alive and shel­tered and fed but unless you put any­thing into it your heart is still empty.

Indi­an talk.  I bet­ter go do some­thing else for a while.

Ok for now,

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