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Ho, all you gar­den­ers, hole-fillers, rammed earth wall builders, oh ye mak­ers of adobe bricks and oth­er things earth­en­ly: This is your raw Stuff.

Rich and clayey soil from the top of the mesa, this earth will retain water in your gar­den for your plants to feed on and if blend­ed just so with sand will lock your adobe into the hard bricks they are meant to be. It is not to be tri­fled with by the unwise, not for begin­ners who ask over and over, “Is this good for my gar­den?” Oh ye of lit­tle faith and less expe­ri­ence, HELL YES it’s good for your gar­den as long as you cut it with some clean sand.

For you for­ti­fiers of earth­en bunkers and oth­er mil­i­tary posi­tions of redoubt, fear not, this soil is the same mix as that from Afghanistan where entire vil­lages are made of it, walls two feet thick and able to stop all but the heav­i­est artillery rounds, yea, even the most accu­rate­ly tar­get­ed JDAM will not ful­ly flat­ten a stur­di­ly built earth­en wall.

Sons of Zeus and all his immor­tal cohort, this is the stuff of LIFE! When men of old sailed quick­ly over the wine-dark sea before a fol­low­ing wind this is the stuff they sailed to, this moist and heavy and fer­tile soil.

As amaz­ing as it sounds, I am giv­ing this valu­able mate­r­i­al away for *free*!

Yep, if you’ve got a hole to fill or a wall to build or a gar­den to amend with all-nat­ur­al all-local total­ly organ­ic slight­ly mus­tan­ic com­plete­ly titan­ic most­ly vir­gin San Diego soil, I’ve got a mound of it, the ves­tige of an ear­li­er age, a gift from ancient times…and you can have it.

Swing by the house with a wheel­bar­row and a shov­el and you can take as much as you can car­ry. Slight­ly restrict­ed access, no more than 36″ wide wheel­bar­rows (hol­low hors­es welcome)

Call 619 *** ****

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