Developing The Seventh Sense

I’ve been think­ing about net­works late­ly, inspired by recent­ly read­ing Joshua Coop­er Ramo’s The Sev­enth Sense. The dri­ving take­away is that devel­op­ing a sense for under­stand­ing the net­works in any giv­en sit­u­a­tion gives an advan­tage over an under­stand­ing based on old­er frameworks.

Letter to a Soldier

Some­times it’s just as valu­able know­ing what you don’t want to do.” ‑Dr. Amy Kruse, for­mer DARPA pro­gram man­ag­er Look, excel­lence doesn’t trans­fer. It’s a com­mon mis­take to think it does, and one that many SOF vets make.

Commonalities Among Good Operators

tough sense of humor/levity show gen­eros­i­ty con­scious of diction/vocabulary Jus­ti­fi­able self con­fi­dence and belief in self read for pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment Joy in their work care for oth­ers Respect for blue col­lar work and crafts­men Atten­tion to detail Integri­ty Self aware­ness of ability/capability Under­stands the place of phys­i­cal­i­ty Will­ing­ness to face facts List mak­ers Writ­ten goals Talk­ing to your­self Lack …

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