Monster Runner

There’s been an idea bump­ing around in my head for a while. It’s as old as train­ing and as new as the lat­est hyper-fit craze; I’d like to take a crack at com­bin­ing an ultra endurance event (most like­ly the Leadville 100) with some­thing that is total­ly pow­er & strength ori­ent­ed; max bench­press of bodyweight

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Take my spirit in better shape then when you gave it…

Let­ter to a friend: ***, There’s noth­ing I have expe­ri­enced that’s any­thing like being on a stormy ocean on a small boat, out of reach of all mankind, reliant total­ly upon self and the fick­le­ness of the sea gods. Not all the nations in the world with all their resources can do any­thing to affect the

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The Art Intensity Building

The AI (Art Inten­si­ty) build­ing: 1. Paleo cafe serv­ing break­fast, lunch, din­ner, and betweens. 2,000 sq ft 2. Guest artist stu­dio (Spencer, Banksy, etc) 1,000 sq ft 3. Work­ing crafts­man: hand made bikes, welders, black­smith, elec­tri­cian, cus­tom doors, 6,000 sq ft 4. Full met­al, wood, and machin­ery shop sun­light, heavy wood beams, met­al win­dow frames, nooks and spaces, human sized,

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