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There’s been an idea bump­ing around in my head for a while. It’s as old as train­ing and as new as the lat­est hyper-fit craze; I’d like to take a crack at com­bin­ing an ultra endurance event (most like­ly the Leadville 100) with some­thing that is total­ly pow­er & strength ori­ent­ed; max bench­press of body­weight fol­lowed by a 1 rep max squat and dead­lift. Sim­ple stuff to under­stand, ultra hard to train for and do well.

Den­nis & I talked about this a while ago; hell 10 years?  He was telling me about set­ting up a bench sta­tion at the end of a 10k and crank­ing out reps as soon as you cross the line.

I like the idea, and I’m going to take the next 2 months (until Jan­u­ary 1st) to set out exact­ly what it is I want to be able to do.  Not in gen­er­al terms, but in dates, weights, and times.  I’ll post it here, and fig­ure out a way to set up a train­ing log, maybe through Stra­va, so I can look back and see how the whole thing went down.

As much as I love run­ning, I miss being under weight, and being strong.  It’s one thing to have set of legs and lungs, it’s anoth­er thing entire­ly to have enough meat on your frame to get the hard work done when it needs done gettin’.

Are you inter­est­ed?  Do it your damn self, and shoot me an email with your results.  To hard work and mea­sur­able results!

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