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In the vein of con­tin­u­al­ly get­ting bet­ter, I just start­ed send­ing out a “pre-inter­view” request for the Paleo Treats pod­cast.  This one went out to Gavin McClurg, a paraglid­er.  They’ll prob­a­bly change as I go along, but I thought you’d enjoy it.

*******BEGIN PREP EMAIL ********
Tomor­row we are going to spend an hour or so on Skype hav­ing what is lit­er­al­ly a con­trived con­ver­sa­tion. For both of us it will be a rel­a­tive­ly tame adven­ture, but it is, as of now, an unknown.

We’ve nev­er met and yet I’ll be ask­ing you to share some of your pri­vate thoughts and life with me and more impor­tant­ly, my audience.

In order to make this con­ver­sa­tion between us bet­ter, and deep­er, and more effec­tive, I’d like to make a few requests.

First, what­ev­er your “go-juice” is in the morn­ing, drink deep. Whether you’re a cof­fee snob or a cocaine freak, load up. No half-mea­sures please, no hold­ing back. Fin­ish the dregs, drink to the Lees, snort like a bull ’til the end of line.

If you’re not a sub­stance abuser, knock out a hard work­out with heavy weight, the kind that has you prowl­ing around the house look­ing for phone books to tear in half. I want the best, the fullest, the most intense ver­sion of the Gavin McClurg expe­ri­ence possible.

Sec­ond, about 5 min­utes before we get on, pull up a video online or from your com­put­er that makes you laugh hard. I’m a fan of the ol’ But­ter Floor Prank, but any­thing that makes you guf­faw is good with me.

Third, just before time starts, take a look out­side, breathe deep from wild and fresh air, and remem­ber one of your best moments. Could be total­ly pub­lic, could be intense­ly pri­vate. I won’t ask you to share it, just to remem­ber it as intense­ly as pos­si­ble right before we talk.

Ok, I know those are a bunch of weird requests and prob­a­bly intru­sive. Hell, some of them could be down­right insult­ing, espe­cial­ly if you think I’m seri­ous about the coke. Still, do the best you can and know that on my end I’ll be doing the same.

Cof­fee is my drug, max body­weight squats my work­out, and the clean sea breeze just snif­fa­ble from my rooftop in San Diego my final breath before com­ing in to my sound room.

Ultra fuck­ing stoked!
*********END PREP EMAIL******

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  1. Wow, just ran across this Nik. What a per­fect post to read! Thanks so much for always shar­ing your knowl­edge and wis­dom. ‑SC

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