Building Blocks

The basics of kyk13 philosophy.

The Big Four

I wrote this up for a shoot­ing forum, all of it applies beyond work on the range. These tech­niques are used by top tier per­form­ers around the world. In fact, every sin­gle pro­fes­sion­al per­former uses all of these. They may call them dif­fer­ent names but “the big 4” (Visu­al­iza­tion, Self Talk, Goal Set­ting, Arousal Control) …

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Soul writing

Tell them it’s me.  Phone 71B, loca­tion 2 Crew (B).  Novem­ber 2011.  Some­where off the coast of Oman I sit in a same-ness insti­tu­tion­al room, open­ing my mind to the full cir­cle encom­pass­ing dark­ness and light.  I have sat here all over the world.  The tan walls, the don’t‑give-a-shit mat­tress, the white sheets and thin soft blan­ket on a bed …

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Come on in, no one ever comes here”

This from a for­mer client of Lee’s: A fel­low pilot and friend Robert Gan­non just fin­ished a 10-year explo­ration of the world in his Cess­na 182, cross­ing major oceans. What he says is true: “The one thing I have observed [about fly­ing a pri­vate air­plane around the world twice over a 10 year peri­od] is that if …

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Unselfish­ness is the bedrock of right­eous liv­ing.  One must be unselfish before under­stand­ing and apply­ing impec­ca­bil­i­ty, sto­icism, breath­ing and smell, asceti­cism, finite time, build­ing blocks, and a com­mon thread.

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