A new line of work

****, Good to hear from you, it has been a while since that fire­side chat over at ****‘s place many moons ago.  The short ver­sion of my long, ram­bling, and most­ly about me answer is:  Grab some­thing you think you like by the balls and do it.  If you don’t like it you’ll know pretty […]

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What IS up

Yep.  I like the sim­plic­i­ty stuff.  With that said, I did just buy 2 more hand planes off a guy from Craigslist.  I love fine tools. Wrote this the oth­er day for our Paleo Treats FB page: “Had a work­out the oth­er day where I had a 1,000 rea­sons to be any­where else, and only 1 reason

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Steve’s book list, my local bullshit news

****, Just fin­ished up Farm City by Novel­la Car­pen­ter.  A refresh­ing book on urban farm­ing that did­n’t have the usu­al holi­er than thou horse­shit that seems to per­me­ate the prose of every fuck­ing new food­ie writer who sticks their head up out of the let­tuce (excuse me, arugu­la) patch. Am into books on dry­land irri­ga­tion and

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Re: where I stand

Ok, revis­it­ing “where I stand”  inre. the “mon­ey for man­ners” /“tribe of uncles” idea.  Some thoughts: ‑host it on the kyk13 site.  I like the name. ‑keep devel­op­ing the idea and putting down only what feels total­ly good to us, i.e. link­ing to the mys­tance arti­cle, post­ing prices of $300k for 2 weeks (or what­ev­er), writing

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A tribal approach

****, you knew this was com­ing. 🙂 Anoth­er idea that just would­n’t let me sleep through the cre­ativ­i­ty of the morn­ing hours.  Between 3 and 5 am I give all cred­it for my work to unknown mus­es.  Jesus I’m lucky! In short: A course for the sons of the ultra-rich teach­ing them the mean­ing of being a

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shadow divers quote

****, excel­lent rec­om­men­da­tion.  Just read these lines from Chat­ter­ton’s expe­ri­ence as a medic walk­ing point in Viet­nam.  They ring true with my own lim­it­ed expe­ri­ence.  Dig it. ‑If an under­tak­ing was easy, some­one else already would have done it. ‑If you fol­low in anoth­er’s foot­steps, you miss the prob­lems real­ly worth solv­ing. ‑Excel­lence is born of

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