(more) thoughts on land

Yep, I’m with you on the inde­ci­sion re. town vs coun­try.  I feel right about just cog­i­tat­ing on it a lit­tle more.

Lean­ing toward a “best of both world’s approach.  You have your house in Boze­man prop­er with all ameni­ties close by, and then you share a par­cel of land out back of beyond with one or two like mind­ed fuck­ers.  Maybe it’s like you say and we go in on a 100 acre prop­er­ty, keep­ing 1 acre lots (max of 5 or some­thing like that) and then the rest of it wild.  Build what you want, fuck The Man and live it “real,” although I like the Span­ish pro­nun­ci­a­tion and con­no­ta­tion of that word bet­ter for this application.

I keep swing­ing back and forth between believ­ing some­thing will hap­pen mon­ey-wise for me (Paleo Treats or Lee’s art or what­ev­er) and think­ing big and then going back to stay­ing small, liv­ing way inside my means, sav­ing up so I can live large when I’m 50.  But that’s got to be wrong, I mean, I’m Alive Now, man!

So I guess I just keep work­ing on self-reliance (not the same as iso­la­tion) and being able to take care of myself and my peo­ple and charge hard and just enjoy the ride.  It’s good right now.


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