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****, excel­lent rec­om­men­da­tion.  Just read these lines from Chat­ter­ton’s expe­ri­ence as a medic walk­ing point in Viet­nam.  They ring true with my own lim­it­ed expe­ri­ence.  Dig it.

-If an under­tak­ing was easy, some­one else already would have done it.
‑If you fol­low in anoth­er’s foot­steps, you miss the prob­lems real­ly worth solving.
‑Excel­lence is born of prepa­ra­tion, ded­i­ca­tion, focus, and tenac­i­ty; com­pro­mise on any of these and you become average.
‑Every so often, life presents a great moment of deci­sion, an inter­sec­tion at which a man must decide to stop or go; a per­son lives with these deci­sions forever.
‑Exam­ine every­thing; not all is as it seems or as peo­ple tell you.
‑It is eas­i­est to live with a deci­sion if it is based on an earnest sense of right and wrong.
‑The guy who gets killed is often the guy who got ner­vous.  The guy who does­n’t care any­more, who has said, “I’m already dead–the fact that I live or die is irrel­e­vant and the only thing that mat­ters is the account­ing I give of myself,” is the most for­mi­da­ble force in the world.
‑The worst pos­si­ble deci­sion is to give up.

The book is called Shad­ow Divers and is about the guys who dis­cov­ered a sunken U‑boat off the New Jer­sey coast in 1991.


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