let’s talk about land

This’ll take some time, but thanks for start­ing it.

A short ver­sion of what I’m look­ing for, see if it jibes with your inter­ests.  This is for a tinkering/get the hell out of dodge/hunt & fish and hike and explore and ski kind of prop­er­ty, and a place to live for…a while.  Maybe a sum­mer, maybe 5 years, maybe retire to.  Some­place safe.  Some­thing to be able to build a cou­ple of small build­ings on with straw­bale or rammed earth etc, own­er accom­plished, some kind of kick ass work­shop,  a place to retreat to and be refreshed by.

About an acre, a lit­tle more or less either way is fine
no water through prop­er­ty, at least 12″/year of precip
no power
backed up to BLM or oth­er gov­’t /unpopulated / pub­lic land
dirt road or slight­ly worse, as long as there’s access.  I’d like it to be a labor of love to devel­op the road a little.
low den­si­ty housing
views and solar access to south
close to fishing/hunting
less than 20 min­utes to a good gro­cery store/amenities (once the road is devel­oped, and by that I mean grav­el­ly smooth, not fuck­ing paved)

Ide­al­ly some lit­tle piece of a much larg­er ranch owned by a cool out­doors­man pri­vate indi­vid­ual who is just as curi­ous and kick ass as the rest of the crew.  It would also ide­al­ly be a place that no one want­ed for some stu­pid rea­son that involved a lot of man­u­al labor to get it “worth some­thing”, a dia­mond in the rough kind of gig.  Process has as much to do with this as outcome.

I’ll send MLS picks after I’ve perused ’em.  Thanks again, look­ing for­ward to see­ing you.

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