Re: where I stand

Ok, revis­it­ing “where I stand”  inre. the “mon­ey for man­ners” /“tribe of uncles” idea.  Some thoughts:
‑host it on the kyk13 site.  I like the name.
‑keep devel­op­ing the idea and putting down only what feels total­ly good to us, i.e. link­ing to the mys­tance arti­cle, post­ing prices of $300k for 2 weeks (or what­ev­er), writ­ing down the ker­nels of our con­ver­sa­tions so that when folks do come across it there’s a total no-bull­shit look at what they’re get­ting into, which brings me to the next point:

-not sure *what* I want to do.  Deal­ing with some shit-head 10 year old kid for 2 weeks does­n’t sound that fun no mat­ter where we go.  A lot of that is in our atti­tude, but I think a big part of it needs to come from fur­ther devel­op­ment of the idea.  A 3 day screen­ing process is ok, but real­ly, maybe we just shit-can the rich kid idea and look once more to clear skies.  Any thoughts/interests/direction?

-Maybe it just caters to our tribe and we put on cus­tom trips to for folks who find us and have a ton of mon­ey?  We let it sit for a long time, doc­u­ment the trips we take in the mean­time in some kick ass way (like our own per­son­al nation­al geo­graph­ic, there was a lot of stuff in ****‘s video we could use, plus our pix from Zion along with every oth­er cool thing we’ve done) and enjoy the even­tu­al swell of interest.

Would like to keep mov­ing toward this idea of first liv­ing well, then allow­ing all the rest of it to coa­lesce around that sol­id center.

OK for now,

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