What IS up

Yep.  I like the sim­plic­i­ty stuff.  With that said, I did just buy 2 more hand planes off a guy from Craigslist.  I love fine tools.

Wrote this the oth­er day for our Paleo Treats FB page:

Had a work­out the oth­er day where I had a 1,000 rea­sons to be any­where else, and only 1 rea­son to get under the bar. I want to be stronger. So I did­n’t walk away, or get a drink, or take one more breath, or go to the bath­room. I got under the bar and squat­ted the damn thing. It was hard. My form was­n’t great. It was­n’t my heav­i­est weight ever. But I fuck­ing did it, and kept doing it until I knocked out all my sets and reps. Get out there and get after it.  This shit ain’t com­pli­cat­ed, it’s just hard.”

I think I like the last sen­tence the best; it sums up my atti­tude about get­ting shit done in life.  Good to be friends with you, amigo.

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