re. Never underestimate a woman by Dorothy Ainsworth Issue #32

Dude, Of course she is one of my favorite women.  She’s a total stud, after her first house burned down she just built anoth­er one.  We have her list­ed as a Paleo Treats hero on our Wis­dom page. Stoked about your bud­dies expe­ri­ence with a Lis­ter.  Talked to Lee about mov­ing to India and set­ting up …

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some old writing

Just stum­bled on this, wish I’d kept writ­ing more.  Some fun­ny stuff, all of it still pret­ty much true.  Like you guys, I’m a lit­tle old­er and wis­er now. Enjoy. NFH There are three things that let you know you are tru­ly alive.  The open­ing shock of a para­chute, the sound of a six­ty fir­ing, and …

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re. rad people

CR, Hmmm, I’ll get to the car when I’m 50 and have some good expe­ri­ence to draw on. Friends of mine who I’d met sail­ing just came through town.  Cool cou­ple, Char­lie is 50, Stephanie in her mid 40’s.  Two kids, boy & girl some­where around 13 & 15.  I met the kids when they were …

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high value recovery team

Gents, HVRT gen­er­al con­cept: Access for com­pa­nies to a team of capa­ble and qui­et pro­fes­sion­als who spe­cial­ize in glob­al recov­ery of high val­ue items, whether mate­ri­als, per­sons, or even intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty.  (Not sure about the last one, but the rough sketch is we’d con­vince peo­ple not to use what­ev­er it was that they’d stolen, or …

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truck platform ideas

CR, Stoked for you! The tires I’m using came with the truck; Coop­er Dis­cov­er S/T.  I haven’t noticed any prob­lems at all, but haven’t real­ly paid atten­tion to them. Regard­ing build­ing the back plat­form, the first thing that **** did was to ask me what I want to use if for, so, what do you want to …

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****, Lee and I just sat down and enjoyed our first meal of Nik-shot Mon­tana veni­son; grilled back­strap and sal­ad.  ****, it was deli­cious.  I’d like to thank you for help­ing me cre­ate this meal, for mak­ing the hunt­ing expe­ri­ence awe­some in the truest sense of that word.  I’d like to get more flow­ery but …

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