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From Pie to Poop

The peo­ple I like most share two things in com­mon:  First, they have open minds.  Sec­ond, while they appear nor­mal, they are in at least one aspect of their lives, utter­ly bat shit crazy.

Water Collection

****, For grey­wa­ter you can’t go wrong with Art Lud­wig’s “Cre­ate an Oasis Out of Grey­wa­ter”.  I used it for my sys­tem and it was more than enough info. For rain­wa­ter check out  “Rain­wa­ter Har­vest­ing for Dry­lands and Beyond” by Brad Lan­cast­er, it’s a good overview. If you’re going to build a cis­tern you could …

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The New In My House

The New In My House… Phi­los­o­phy of Archi­tec­ture (from Let My Peo­ple Go Surf­ing, Y Chouinard 1. Don’t build a new build­ing unless it’s absolute­ly nec­es­sary.  The most respon­si­ble thing to do is to buy used build­ings, con­struc­tion mate­ri­als, and fur­ni­ture. 2. Try to save old or his­toric build­ings from being torn down.  Any struc­tur­al changes …

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****, Lee and I just sat down and enjoyed our first meal of Nik-shot Mon­tana veni­son; grilled back­strap and sal­ad.  ****, it was deli­cious.  I’d like to thank you for help­ing me cre­ate this meal, for mak­ing the hunt­ing expe­ri­ence awe­some in the truest sense of that word.  I’d like to get more flow­ery but …

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