re. Never underestimate a woman by Dorothy Ainsworth Issue #32

Of course she is one of my favorite women.  She’s a total stud, after her first house burned down she just built anoth­er one.  We have her list­ed as a Paleo Treats hero on our Wis­dom page.

Stoked about your bud­dies expe­ri­ence with a Lis­ter.  Talked to Lee about mov­ing to India and set­ting up a plant there.  So many projects going on right now that this one will prob­a­bly get put on the back burn­er, but…it’s damnable inter­est­ing.  Like all of ’em.

I ordered the CD and book that they sell just to bone up on gen­er­al pow­er gen­er­a­tion and elec­tric­i­ty stuff.  The guy that runs that site has a hard-on for CHP (com­bined heat and pow­er) gen­er­a­tion right now, so of course I’m look­ing more into that.

Was look­ing around inside a mini conex box today and thought “You don’t need any more space than this.  Maybe 20′ x 20′.  Shit, I have GOT to get a lit­tle place out in the mid­dle of nowhere where I can fid­dle and mess and pot­ter about and hunt and fix stuff and break stuff and just build my own lit­tle empire of Nik-dom.”

Ok for now,

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