Leadville 2015 Race Report

As usu­al, suc­cess does­n’t teach as many lessons as fail­ure.  After two years of fail­ure, (2013 & 2014) I made it this year in 28:46:45 (that’s 28 hours, 46 min­utes, and 45 sec­onds), or about an hour and 15 min­utes ahead of the 30 hour cut off.

Monster Runner

There’s been an idea bump­ing around in my head for a while. It’s as old as train­ing and as new as the lat­est hyper-fit craze; I’d like to take a crack at com­bin­ing an ultra endurance event (most like­ly the Leadville 100) with some­thing that is total­ly pow­er & strength ori­ent­ed; max bench­press of bodyweight …

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Marvel & Us

It’s not that num­bers lie, it’s that they don’t tell the whole truth. The Humane Soci­ety of the US esti­mates that ani­mal shel­ters care for 6–8 mil­lion dogs and cats a year and euth­a­nize (care for?) 3–4 mil­lion of them.

Leadville, 2014

Bare chest­ed, cold, run­ning up over­grown sin­gle track at 8,000 feet on a moun­tain­side in Col­orado. Teardrops of hail ham­mer down through an aspen for­est as the cloud gods grum­ble over­head. No sun­light peaks through, the wilds are draped only in cold grey light.

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