TDI Injection pump seals

Hav­ing suc­cess­ful­ly made it  through chang­ing out the seal between the dis­trib­u­tor cap and the injec­tion pump a few months ago, I fig­ured that chang­ing out the top cov­er seal and the QA seal would be a snap, espe­cial­ly since I just got VAG COM.  Not so.  I went to scribe marks on the for the QA and scribed them on the wrong sur­face, so I’ve been ham­mer mod­ding my way back to nor­mal rpms and some­thing close to the right injec­tion quan­ti­ty.  Still a long way to go, and I ham­mered the ever-lov­ing fuck out of my hand today in the process of stop­ping a run­away engine.

Still, I like mechaniking away on my car.  It always feels so damn good to be in con­trol of your life.

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