Long & flat, something new

I’ve been build­ing my run train­ing around hard stuff.  You know, hills, sprints, uneven ter­rain, even ruck runs.  It nev­er occurred to me to add some long and flat dis­tance in, so I was inter­est­ed when Lau­ren brought up a Mis­sion Bay/Fiesta Island run. 

At 8 or 9 miles it was a lit­tle longer than I’ve gone, but hell, it’s flat! I had remem­bered Lau­ren as a lit­tle slow­er than me on our last long run, but it was­n’t speed, she just was­n’t used to the ter­rain I’d been train­ing on.

When we got on her turf I was puff­ing to keep up.  She is a no-shit good run­ner, which is a wel­come and awe­some sur­prise. We fin­ished up the run at a slight­ly more than brisk pace, the nat­ur­al com­pet­i­tive­ness com­ing out in each of us until we were just a tick off of sprint­ing to the fin­ish.  Pol­ished off with some strid­ers, this was an excel­lent re-intro to the world of flat land run­ning.  Total­ly dig it!

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