[Fwd: RE: Commonalities amongst good operators]


sense of humor/levity

show gen­eros­i­ty

con­scious of diction/vocabulary

Jus­ti­fi­able self con­fi­dence and belief in self

read for pro­fes­sion­al development

Joy in their work

care for others

Respect for blue col­lar work and craftsmen

Atten­tion to detail


Self aware­ness of ability/capability

Under­stands the place of physicality

Will­ing­ness to face facts

List mak­ers

Writ­ten goals

Talk­ing to yourself

Lack of patience when it comes to self improvement

Tak­ing the job seriously

Desire/excitement to learn new things

Will­ing­ness to eat new ideas

Will­ing to put in time to increase competence

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