I found I love the Amer­i­can West, that there’s a whole hell of a lot of coun­try out there that is still pret­ty untouched, that there’s noth­ing like the warm rays of first light on a cold desert morn­ing, that free­dom is worth run­ning fast and loose for, and that the most impor­tant things for me are hap­pi­ness, health, peace, love, and joy.

I’ve found that wealth fol­lows all that stuff, that dogs are the ulti­mate ani­mal com­pan­ion, that shar­ing hard­ship with one good friend is bet­ter than din­ing in lux­u­ry with a hun­dred, and that the high­est qual­i­ty peo­ple and expe­ri­ences come to you when you focus on doing your best in life.

I’ve found I’d rather have less than more and that the adage, “The more you know the less you need” rings true for me.

Thought you’d dig it.  Been lis­ten­ing to a lot of Willie Nel­son late­ly, I’ve found he always affects my mood towards free­dom, hobo style.  It’s a good thing if I can keep a han­dle on it.


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